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Systemhaus Computertechnik Ravensburg

Die tryout, integration and tool design

Profit from our years of experience in these business areas, which are not just of significance to the automotive industry

The application of state of the art technologies does not render the intensive preparation, integration and optimisation of tools superfluous in the production process.

Until the appropriate quality specifications have been achieved and your employees are completely familiar with the new tools, a lot of valuable time, amongst other things, can be wasted.

Our solution:

As competent service providers, ics for automotive offers the comprehensive practical know-how of our qualified employees in the preparation, integration and optimisation of tools.

Tryout and production support are conducted in every phase by our qualified tool mechanics.

From the initial dialogue via the tryout, right up to stable serial production: ics for automotive remains by your side as a reliable partner during the preparation of tools!
Simply place the responsibility for the integration and commissioning of new tools in our hands with absolute cost transparency. 

In this way, you can save time and money!

ics for automotive has for years worked at an international level together with

  • Renowned automotive manufacturers
  • Globally-active press plant operators
  • International suppliers
  • Renowned tool manufacturers

Our spectrum of services comprises of the preparation and tryout in the following business areas

  • Small to large tools in the business areas aluminium and high-strength sheet metal
  • Cold and hot stamping
  • Injection moulding, pressure die-casting and chill casting 
  • Progressive and transfer tools
  • Tool design, preparation, optimisation, changes and repairs right up to the maintenance of complete tool sets
  • Surface optimisation, tool supervision from the set-up right up to handover to the end customers
  • Production support and monitoring  with error analysis and stroke count optimisation
  • Disposal chute construction and waste optimisation
  • Preparation and optimisation of folding tools for doors and flaps
Small tool Car part
  • External skin parts, interior parts and structured parts in aluminium and steel

ics for automotive GmbH, Am Föhrenried 16, 88255 Baindt